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Wavemaster is a shop for detailing and coating specialist. We provide the basic and premium detailing, interior detailing, interior seats off detailing, wheel off detailing project, and 9H ceramic coating package.

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WaveMaster 9H Ceramic Coating

This is a nanotechnology 9H hardness ceramic coating to prevent minor scratches, bird shits, tree saps.

Our coating also have the best results of highest gloss shine, fastest Hydrophobic Water Repellent surface, and a high UV protection stay out from the sunlight.

After applying multilayer, it definitely can protects your car for years.

WaveMaster Evo Glass coating

This is a liquid base Hydrophobic Water Repellent coating to prevents your windscreen to get any water mark stain and oily surface.

Drive above 60km per hour and you won't need a wiper in your car.

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